How to Crochet a Beginner's Ribbed Scarf! | Ms. Craft Nerd - Crochet İcord

Hi guys! In this beginner's video, I'll be showing you how to crochet a scarf for beginners, and to make it better, it's a beautiful ribbed scarf! Hope you enjoy and if you do, give this video a thumbs up, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE!!! xoxoxoxo, Ms. Craft Nerd

About MY scarf:
-Color: Los Angeles Tan
-Height: 7 feet and 3 inches long=150 chains
-Width: 5 inches/12 centimeters=10 rows

-Yarn: by LionBrand/ Soft and Bulky/ 81 yards, 74 meters/ 9 mm thick (I used 4 skeins of yarn for my scarf)
-Size N/15 10 mm crochet hook
-A pair of scissors

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Music by
Kevin MacLeod

This is not a sponsored video! However, if there are any companies who would like me to review a product or anything similar, comment down below, and there'll be further contact. Anyways, I bought all the items in this video with my money and the whole idea is minnnnnnne! :)