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How To Make Crochet Wigs - Easy and Fast Natural Hair Protective Style Crybaby T-shirt Half Up Half Down Crochet Video (shows how to crochet the hair to the net) Supplies: Crochet Hook Wig Combs Crochet Net Hair Used Riah Ripple Deep - 1B - I used 2 packs of 12in Music rihanna ft. drake - work (sevnth, blush & tarro remix) My Blog My Snapchat @IfyYvonne My Instagram @naijagoddess My Twitter @TheNaijaGoddess ifyyvonne, natural hair, crochet styles, nigerian, naija, naijagoddess, woc, how to make a crochet wig, crochet braids, diy wig, wig styles, natural hair styles, protective styles, riah ripple deep