Sewing with Crochet - Tips on How to Sew Crochet Together - Crochet Cacoon

NEW Videos Wednesday! Hi I'm Donna Wolfe from Naztazia Today I'll show you some tips and tricks on sewing with crochet. Certain techniques are useful when joining crochet pieces. Plus there are some really interesting sewing needles that work great with yarn. This video will cover how to sew in all of those loose ends, including the beginning and tail end ones as well as ends when changing colors. You'll learn how to join, connect, and sew two pieces of crochet together. I'll show you a tip on sewing or connecting the last stitch of a granny square or circle. You'll see how to sew on a button to your crochet work. Plus I'll review several really cool yarn needles. I hope you enjoy! Written info (including where to get those yarn sewing needles): Please click on the red SUBSCRIBE button to get notified of brand new videos from Donna Wolfe from Naztazia! Or click here to automatically subscribe: Want to post photos of your work You know you do! Share what you made on the Naztazia Facebook page: Other social media links: Website: Facebook: YouTube: Ravelry: Pinterest: Google+: Instagram: Help me translate this video into other languages: #naztazia #reviewsbysarah Pattern, text, photos, video © 2019 Naztazia® Music written and performed by Donna Wolfe