Improving Your Crochet Tension - Crochet Stash Buster

Learning how to improve the tension in your crochet stitches is essential for consistent stitches and increased speed. For more tips and tricks, subscribe to my mailing list at . It takes time to get it right so be patient with yourself. There is no right or wrong way to hold your yarn but, in this video, I show you 3 ways to get you started. Any adjustments you make to these methods are totally fine. After all, you are working with your hands and your brain. However you find to make it work and maintain consistent tension is the right way for you. _________________________________________ If you want to see other tension suggestions, check out… BELLA COCO - TLC INSPIRATIONS - THE CROCHET CROWD - ~ STAY CONNECTED ~ Subscribe to the FBC Email List ~ MY SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ~ INSTAGRAM: tashia.butterfield RAVELRY: TashiaButterfield ~ CROCHET ~ WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: ~ MY ALPACA LIFE ~ YOUTUBE CHANNEL: WEBSITE: ONLINE STORE: FACEBOOK: ~ KO-FI PAGE ~ If you like my videos, consider “buying me a coffee” at ~ SNAIL MAIL ~ Tashia Butterfield PO Box 437 Alma, NE 68920 Business Inquiries Only: