crochet stitch No 24 - Crochet Ragdolls

The video has quality 720p HD & subtitles in English .... please for get better performance properly set up your profile .Video has subtitles in English...go to settings make necessary changes to read the video narration. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pattern - Wrap the yarn on the finger to get started with magic ring. 1 row yellow color - 3 chain 23 dc (double crochet) total 24 dc.slip stitch. 2 row yellow color - 4 ch,dc,*1ch-dc*we repeat the until process for all the row. 3 row yellow color - 3 ch & in each gapbetwen the 2dc work 2 dc v (2 double crochet variation)...repeat the until process for all the row. 4 row brown color - 3 ch , *1dc-1ch* for all the row. cut the yarn & change the color. 5 row light green color - 3 ch,1dc,*1ch - 2dc v *....we repeat the same procedure until the end of the series. 6 row turquoise color - start with*sc, 8dc shell to the next position,skip 2dc v & work sc* we repeat the same process until the end, 7 row blue color - in is series works only sc for all the row, how to make bindings carefully look at it video,we work sc the first five {8dc shell} ,we pass the hook from behind and join the first with the last one with sc,then we work sc -two {8dc shell},we pass the hook in the fourth {8dc shell}and we unite with the last gathering from behind, the same proceure is followed for the next steps....another three times(4 in total). 8 row green color - on the top edge of the triangle we work 3ch-3dc,*5 chain -sc in the next union ,7ch - sc in the next union ,5 ch -5dc in the next union *we repeat the process three more times(4 in total). 9 row yellow color - 3ch ,3dc,2ch,4dc shell ,*3ch-3dc, 3ch-3dc,3ch -3dc,3ch-3dc,3ch- 4-2-4 dc sell(4double crochet,2 chain,4double crochet shell), we repeat the process thre more times (4 in total). 10 -11-12-13 rows- we repeat the same procedure as line 9. ------------------------------------------------------------------ For more free pattern & tutorial click here for orders see here -- . and do not forget ..... let's be friends - subscribe now . THANK YOU !! ============================ Το τραγούδι Italian Morning του καλλιτέχνη Twin Musicom έχει άδεια με βάση το εξής: Creative Commons Attribution ( Καλλιτέχνης: