Crochet 6-Petal Flower Spirals In Center Tutorial 59 Part 1 of 2 - Crochet Beanies

Begin to crochet flower! In this crochet tutorial we will be making a 6-petal flower that has little spirals in the center, one spiral next to each petal. In this part we will be making a base for the flower and starting the first petal. Each petal is made of rows of single crochet stitch and chain spaces. Stitches we work in back loops. After a hard work you will get a really awesome flower. Good luck! Get the more patterns at
Crochet flower is made of 100% Cotton Mercerized, 169m/50g; and with Steel Crochet Hook 1.5 mm or 2mm (#8 or #4 US standards).
Begin to crochet! With us, crochet becomes not just a hobby. Each crochet flower is a little masterpiece made by hands. Our free crochet video tutorials will provide an opportunity to learn how to crochet quick and professional. You will learn the basic crochet techniques and gradually learn how to perform patterns of different professional level. Beginning crochet with our tutorials you will learn step-by-step all different techniques in crochet. Crocheted Flowers is one of the biggest and the most interesting topics. Floral elements, crocheted flowers are used as decorations or as basic elements in different techniques such us Irish lace, Gipyur lace, Patchwork (elements of different shapes). Get ready your crochet hook and yarn, be patient and start learning crochet techniques in making flowers with our video instructions.

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