FREE Crochet Baby's 1st Mary Jane Booties - Crochet Pillow

Time to have fun with a little pair of Baby's First Mary Jane Booties! These give you a fabulous base for a pair of cutie patootie as-is booties, or deck them out with your most adorable embellishments! Visit us at YarnWars! Free Written pattern is available at: Video available for 6-9 mth size!! Adjustment made in written pattern for left shoe only! Upper portion of left shoe only: Round 3 – Chain 1 1. sc in next 10 stitches starting with join space 2. *skip 1 st, ext sc in next* Repeat ** for a total of 7 ext sc 3. skip 1 stitch, sc in last 11 stitches. Join (24 total stitches) Round 4 – Chain 1 1. sc into 10 stitches beginning with join space 2. *skip 1, hdc in nxt*, Repeat ** 2 more times for a total of 3 hdc 3. skip next st, sc into next 11 stitches. Join Round 5 – Chain 1 1. slip into nxt 16 stitches beginning with join space 2. chain 14, slip into 6th chain from hook & ea chain after until you reach bottom of chain. 3. after working your last chain, slip back into the stitch at shoe, and continue to slip stitch into remaining 8 stitches in round. Join . Finish off. (24 Total Stitches) Make sure while you are there, you subscribe to be the 1st to know when our new FREE patterns hit the market & to get in on all the fun up-coming contests! Join our group at: to strut your stuff! Crocheters and Knitters welcome! Free Patterns, Mini-Challenges, soooo much fun to be had at YarnWars!