How To Crochet Graphghans for Beginners - Crochet Stiches

This is a comprehensive video tutorial for learning how to do Grapghan and Picture Projects for afghans, pillows and whatever else you may have in mind. Get the free pattern that goes with this video at This type of project is exceptionally popular at this time as many crocheters want to make heirlooms or capturing time inside their projects. From family photos, logos, names and much more. This pillow lends itself to teach the following steps: Review the picture and graph. Review colours and lines in the project. Yarn and supplies review. Yarn requirements and other items needed if necessary. How to read the graphs. Where to start in the graph and how to follow it. How to figure out bobbins and detailed examination of graph. Break the pattern into sections to consider how many bobbins you may need. How to identify each section and use my analogy of an overflowing swimming pool to visually assist you. Tips when to make bobbins and when you should use the full size ball to save yourself time. Tip on when to carry yarn under the strand when doing fine detail. Adding and subtracting bobbins. Yarn techniques of switching yarn. Knowing your limits for what to expect. Adding bobbins. Subtracting bobbins. Carrying yarn under the stitches. How to move yarn strands straight up. How to carry yarn backward when the colour is needed earlier. (see tutorial) How to carry yarn forward when the colour is needed after. (see tutorial) Adjusting for errors you may make. Tips for improvising if you see an error. When frogging doesn't really need to be done if you have opportunity. Final touches. Weaving in ends and finishing advice. All of our videos are sorted by categories which include yarn brands. For our complete list of categories here on YouTube, please click . We broadcast from Nova Scotia, Canada. I follow and use USA terminology in stitch demonstrations in techniques and patterns. Be inspired with 1000’s of free crochet patterns through our website . Patterns are sorted by categories, yarn brands and weight class of yarn. We also have dedicated videos for the hard of hearing and deaf communities. We have a small volunteer team that works quietly trailing behind me to update videos with confirmed transcripts. This transcript also allows for the languages to be changed to many other languages spoken around the world. Look for videos with the “Subtitles” with the video thumbnail or use our dedicated Closed Captioning Playlist.