How to Single Crochet in a Half Twisted Chain - Quick Crochet

How to Single Crochet in a Half Twisted Chain - My chain is half twist it and I'm moving my tail away. Look again at the v's on the top part of the chain on the right side of the open loop. Now look at the bumps on the bottom side on the left side of the chain. Look at the first chain. There are 3 elements. The top, middle (the bump), and bottom horizontal parts of the chain. Single crochet 1, yarn over, pull the yarn through both loops in the top horizontal element only. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Or else the project WILL NOT go as desired. Repeat. Work in a spiral motion. When you work the crochet hook with your right hand, twist the work towards you with your left hand only. The tail will guide you whether you begin the round or are halfway in the middle of it. I forgot to mention that when you are traditionally working and infinity scarf. You would work in the flat back and forth and turn the work. This technique you do not need to do that because you already started in the round. This way creates a seamless look. Instead of doing that you will do the same thing but in the chain. I'm now in the middle of the work. Now noticed the tail faces toward you. It doesn't matter if the tail twists toward or away from you in the beginning or the middle but the main thing is is that the tail has to face one way in the beginning and face the other way in the middle of the round. Single crochet one in the chain where the round began. Now here is where the chain start to differ. Remember I told you in the beginning to single crochet 1 in the top horizontal loop Now you're where the bottom becomes the top. Single crochet 1 in that single stranded loop. I forgot to point out to you that I changed 53 and because that I have Twisted it I'm now dealing with a top and bottom so now I'm dealing with both sides of the chain. Therefore that will double the count of the single crochets. The amount of single crochets is now 106. That means I don't have to work so many rounds. Remember to leave the bump alone or do not crochet in it. Notice whatever you do on the top will happen on the same thing on the bottom. Instead of working all the back and forth it just saves a step. Amount of the end of the round. And notice my tail is on the other side of the work. Once I completed the row. I like to single crochet one in the back Loop of the first single crochet. This is because it's often difficult to insert the crochet hook. I will begin my rounds after completing this extra step. Put the work down and look at it. Notice there is one twist the work naturally twists from the back to the front, the outside to the inside. You are now ready to work the next round. Whatever design you work you are ready to work it. Remember what you do on the top happens the same way on the bottom. This step that I taught you mix the work all worthwhile and easier to do after completing this base chain step. If you have any questions, please let me know. I'm happy to answer them. Please visit my shop. The crochet hats ans scarves with the twisted appearance use this technique. Please feel free to try them. Click or tap on the following link.