The Arruga Stitch :: Crochet Stitch #336 :: Right Handed - Crochet Poncho

To download a printable PDF with written instructions for this stitch pattern, visit: [More Below...] The Arruga stitch is a great textural pattern stitch. It uses front post and back post stitches to create a reversible pebbled appearance throughout the fabric. This pattern is great for washcloths and projects where you want bold texture. SHARE THIS VIDEO :: MATERIALS USED Lion Brand Yarn Woolspun - Cranberry Laurel Hill Palmwood Crochet Hook (affiliate link) ABBREVIATIONS ch - chain stitch ( dc - double crochet ( FPsc - front post single crochet ( BPsc - back post single crochet ( PATTERN ROWS Row 1: 1:00 Row 2: 1:40 Row 3: 5:01 Row 4: 6:08 Row 5: 8:13 CREDITS Free Royalty Free Music provided by SmartSound Royalty Free Music.