Crochet baby dress | Christmas | Holiday style - 9-12 months fast and easy by Crochet for Baby #160 - Crochet Cookie

Hello my name is Sara welcome to my channel Crochet for Baby. In today's tutorial I will show you how to crochet this easy baby girl Christmas dress, frock or gown for 9-12 months. You can also make this dress longer and use as a christening or baptism gown by simply adding more rows to the skirt. And if you want to make it smaller or larger you can do it by simply changing your hook size as I explain in the tutorial For this crochet baby dress tutorial I used Red Heart with Love #4 yarn. I used about 200g. You may need less or more depending how long you want your dress to be. You can also use cotton thread #10 just use 2 Or 3 strands and make it in any color you want. . Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy my easy crochet girl’s dress tutorial by crochet for baby. Email: crochetforbaby2016@gmail.comFollow me on my new knitting channel here in YouTube - Knitting for Baby Copyright: This dress is my own original creation and therefore you may NOT sell any of my original pattern designs and claim them as yours. You can make any item using my patterns for personal use. You can sell your item too like at craft fairs, bazaars etc. You can share links of any of my patterns in any social media so long as you link back directly to my original video tutorial and channel. You can NOT use my pattern to create your own video and claim it as yours in any social media platform, website, blogs etc., If you are unsure, please ask permission first. how to crochet a baby dress, how to make a crochet dress for girl, girls crochet dress, easy crochet dress for girls,